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The Seacoast Women's Giving Circle is fully managed by Board Members. These women select the Giving Circle's annual community issue focus and non-profit gift recipient, and organize all of the Giving Circle's events and volunteer projects. Board Members meet monthly, serve on the LEARN, GIVE, and ACT Committees and pay annual dues.


In June 2009, we opened our membership to engage a broader network of women in our efforts and we continue to welcome new members. All members have the opportunity to participate in our three-part mission: Learn, Give, Act. Since the group is a giving circle, all members make a personal financial gift to the non-profit organization selected each year (minimum $200). The time commitment for members varies by the level of engagement in the group's efforts.

    This is the category most members elect within our giving circle. It is designed for women who want to support the group's work, but need a flexible time commitment or prefer to be passive investors. Members are invited to participate in a number of optional meetings and events throughout the year, such as an educational forum on our annual issue, a celebration of our annual grant recipient, and multiple volunteer service projects. Members contribute a minimum of $200 directly to the non- profit grant winner. However, they do not pay annual dues, serve on committees, attend monthly meetings, or vote to select the annual focus issue or non-profit gift recipient. There is no required length of time for participation. Members may resign from the group at anytime. If you are interested in becoming a Member, or would like additional information, please contact Jane Lannon at seacoastwomensgivingcircle@gmail.com.
    The Seacoast Women's Giving Circle is fully managed by the Board Members. These women select the Giving Circle's annual issue of focus and non-profit grant winner. Board members also organize all of the Giving Circle's events and volunteer projects, meet monthly, serve on Learn, Give and Act committees or contribute to the daily operations of the group and pay annual dues. At this time the number of Board Members is limited to thirty women in order to ease the facilitation of monthly meetings (most of which are held in member's homes), to maintain an informal setting with guest speakers and to facilitate decision- making. We do experience some transition in membership at the end of our cycle in June. New Board Members join at the beginning of a cycle in August. Individuals who have the time and energy to become Board Members are encouraged to contact Jane Lannon at seacoastwomensgivingcircle@gmail.com so that we can contact you when a spot becomes available.
    After serving for one year or more Board Members who want a lighter time commitment can opt to transition to Alumna Member status. Alumnae participate in Giving Circle events, volunteer projects and contribute to the grant winner, but do not attend monthly meetings, serve on a committee or pay annual dues.
    If you have a passion for community service, a few friends and bit of extra time, we encourage you to consider starting your own giving circle. It is a wonderful way to make a difference while enjoying the company of people with shared interests. We would welcome the opportunity to offer advice and encouragement.

    Email us at seacoastwomensgivingcircle@gmail.com.
Seacoast Women's Giving Circle Membership

"The Seacoast Women's Giving Circle is a phenomenal home grown success. Membership has taken off, giving has doubled and redoubled, and, perhaps even more significant, members have become deeply engaged in the work and the needs of the community, building a savvy, empowered, base of new and emergent leaders across Seacoast communities. The big challenge for the rest of us is how we bottle this and move it across the state."
- Lewis Feldstein
President and CEO,
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation